You are not just a consumer. At least not in the Open Source world.

There are various ways to take part in the CryptoNAS project - for all of us ...

Translation center

We want you to translate the CryptoNAS!

This way you can help others to access the CryptoBox in their native language. The translation center serves this purpose. Just register and use the webinterface for translations. It features a nice, motivating progress bar.

Due to some limitations with our translation server, you can not register yourself properly! Please get in contact with us via mail, until we have fixed this permanently.

For any questions send a mail to


If you are interested in what happens under the hood, visit the development corner. You can also report bugs there.

The roadmap shows our goals for the next release and the estimated release date.

Join the development mailing list or participate via gmane.

You can also just browse the mailing list archive.

Bleeding edge source code

The current source code of the CryptoNAS-Server package is always available via our Subversion repository.

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Thank you!

The whole is nothing without its parts. We would like to thank all the people for their help (in order of appearance). So, thank you! :)


The CryptoNAS project heavily depends on the following Free Software projects. Thanks for your hard work!

This list is by far incomplete. So thanks to everyone else involved in improving Free Software!