Any problems?

  1. Please read the user documentation.
  2. Check if the FAQ helps you to solve your problem.
  3. Check if it is a known issue. If so, provide some detailed information there.
  4. Submit a new bug report.

Missing your language?

The CryptoNAS is easily extensible via plugins. It also has support for multiple languages. You can help us with some translations.

CrypoBox is now CryptoNAS

Due to some legal reasons this project needed a new name. So don't feel confused if you stumble upon CryptoBox in the Documentation, Translation or Code. The complete namechange will take a while.

Further questions

If you have more questions or if you want better answers, just send a mail to Thanks!

And no, we don't sit on any irc channel. There's a life to live. :)

Let us know!

Write us your experiences with the CryptoNAS. In which environment do you use it? Is it useful for your private stuff or do you use it in a bigger network? Did you run into any trouble with installation or configuration? Are some important things missing? Which hardware serves your CryptoNAS? How's the usability?