Looking for a new maintainer


We, the CryptoNAS-Team at sense.lab, don't find proper time for this still useful and often downloaded project. The last changes were long ago and the whole system would need some major upgrades to run on current Debian systems.

So we decided to officially stop our support and development. For all of us it was an excellent learning project.

We will keep the website, download, documentation, bugtracker etc. up'n running. For all the people still using CryptoNAS. Maybe there comes a time when someone wants to restart it or begin something similar.

If you feel called for stepping in as a maintainer for CrytoNAS, just contact us! We would be glad handing this over to somebody qualified.

Thanks for the using CryptoNAS, for all the help and trust in us!
The CryptoNAS-Team at sense.lab

NEWS: CryptoNAS Live 0.3.5 released


The Live CD for CryptoNAS 0.3.5, as well as an image suitable for use with a hard disk or USB stick, are finished. Both of these use the Debian Live system. They are available via BitTorrent at http://snapshots.cryptonas.org/pub/cryptonas-live/. We're still working on updating the rest of the website.

NEWS: CryptoNAS release delay


As you can see here all work for the next release has been done. We are unittesting now. Unfortunately we are short at time and it might take a while. Stay tuned...

NEWS: Crypto[Box/NAS] name change


The name-change-poll made it clear. We will call the CryptoBox CryptoNAS now. Under the hood it stays the same solid, user-friendly, strong encrypting fileserver.

Please update your links to http://cryptonas.senselab.org!

NEWS: CodeCoop up 'n running


The download archive is back. We thank CodeCoop for their efforts and long struggle with a sucking German telecommunication company. We are really sorry for the long, unplanned interrupt. Now you have the last chance to fetch the CrypotBox.iso whith it's old name.

And no, this project is not dead. We are just silently working on the next release. ;) If you have python experience and want to support us in writing plugins, pleas contact us! This way you can help speed up things a little bit.

NEWS: Download problems


There is a problem with the iso downloads at the moment. Our hosting partner CodeCoop.org is currently down. Now you have time for a cup of coffee or two and then the download will hopefully be back online.

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.4.5 released


This is a bugfix and translation update release.

A French translation was added by Gilles Accad.

A Dutch translation was added by Michiel van Dijk - thanks to both of you!

A bug regarding changing the IP address was fixed.

NEWS: Translation service (pootle) is up


The translation manager is running again. The service was moved to another server and should be available without any further issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please contribute translated strings with the translation center. Thanks for your help!

NEWS: Translation service (pootle) is down


The translation manager is down. We are moving one server around and it's unclear at the moment when it will be back online again. Sorry for this service interruption.

NEWS: Guideline for source installation


As we are working on the next stable release (0.4) we are improving the installation of the CryptoBox server. There is a new site in the user documentation describing the installations from the sources very detailed. Follow the direct link. We hope this makes it easier to use the CryptoBox in more Linux distributions.

NEWS: CryptoBox gets dragonized


The CryptoBox website from now on has a nice dragon as mascot.

It's also on the CD-cover and a CD-label is in progress, too.

Thank you Raimar and keep on rocking with Blender!

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.4.4 released


This is a translation update release.

A Spanish translation was added by Fadrique - thanks a lot!

NEWS: CryptoBox live-CD v0.3.1 released


The following languages are now supported by the live-CD:

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.4.3 released


This is a translation update release.

A Polish translation was added by Andrzej S. Kaznowski - thanks a lot!

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.4.2 released


This is a translation update release.

An Italian translation was added by Fabrizio Tarizzo - thanks a lot!

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.4.1 released


This is a translation update release.

A Japanese translation was added by kinneko - thanks a lot!

NEWS: CryptoBox live-CD v0.3 released


This is a major release.

The following list contains only the most important improvements:

BEWARE: As the CryptoBox live-CD v0.3 uses a standard compliant encryption header (LUKS), it does not support the old format of the harddisks that you used with the CryptoBox live-CD v0.2.1 release. Please move all you encrypted data somewhere else before migrating to the new version of the CryptoBox live-CD. We are very sorry for any inconvenience!

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.4 released


This is a bugfix release.

The following bug was fixed:

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.3 released


This release fixes some small bugs:

Additionally the following features were added:

The Slovenian and German translations are complete.

This release is planned to be the base for the next live-cd, which will be published within the next week.

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.2 released


This release contains some important bugfixes:

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.1 released


This release contains some usability fixes for users of the Internet Explorer, as well as some additional translations and more convenient default settings.

NEWS: CryptoBox-Server v0.3.0 released


Here it comes - the earliest x-mas present 02006: the CryptoBox-Server 0.3.0 package. It is not a live-cd, but a software package that you can just install on your favourite linux system.

Take a look at the screenshots.

It was a long ride and this is the first milestone we reached. Be prepared fo another 1000 miles of code.

The live-CD based on this new version will be released in February 02007.

NEWS: Python rewrite progress


Finally the cryptobox-python-rewrite-process is in progress. From now on you can follow discussions and participate at the development mailinglist via gmane.

NEWS: Download interception


Sorry folks, codecoop.org is temporarily down.

UPDATE: It is up and running again. Fetch the latest version here.

NEWS: CryptoBox code splitting


We are currently splitting the CryptoBox into the CryptoBox-Server and the Cryptobox-CD. This will let you use the CryptoBox-Server in your favourite Linux installation.

Stay tuned ...

NEWS: CryptoBox-CD v0.2.1 released


The latest CryptoBox version 0.2.1 is available at codecoop.org!