Latest releases

CryptoNAS live-CD: 0.3.5

CryptoNAS live system for USB sticks and hard disks: 0.3.5


Planned releases

See the development roadmap, or inquire on the mailing list.


Read what's under the hood of the CryptoNAS.


All code is licensed under the GPL.

The documentation, the graphics and this website are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

CryptoNAS live-CD

Get the latest CryptoBox live-CD image and burn it on a CD.

CryptoBox live-CD download

Follow these instructions or read the user documentation.

CryptoNAS-Server Debian package

Use the CryptoBox-Server package in your Debian/Ubuntu Linux system.

CryptoBox-Server debian package download

Install it with: dpkg -i cryptobox-server.deb

We strongly recommend to use the server package of our debian package repository instead installing manually, as it is much easier to maintain. Take a look at the FAQ for details.

CryptoNAS-Server source files

Users of a non-debian-based Linux distributions have to fetch the source file. The installation procedure is easy but you have to fulfil some software dependencies, which might be inconvenient depending on you Linux distribution.

cryptobox-server source archive download

We've written a installation guide for openSUSE and Debian. With some minor changes it probably works for your distribution, too.